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Lixia is the seventh solar term in the twenty-four solar terms

May. 07, 2022

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and the first solar term in summer, also known as "the end of spring". At this time, the handle of the Big Dipper points to the southeast, and the ecliptic longitude of the sun reaches 45°. The beginning of summer is an important solar term that indicates that all things are entering the peak season for growth. The almanac: "Dou refers to the southeast dimension, it is the beginning of summer, and everything has grown up here, so it is called the beginning of summer." After the beginning of summer, the sunshine increases, gradually heats up, thunderstorms increase, and crops enter a stage of vigorous growth.

Li Xia said goodbye to spring and the beginning of summer. Spring is born, summer is long, autumn is harvested, winter is hidden, and when the beginning of summer, all things flourish. Due to my country's vast territory and large north-south span, the natural rhythms vary from place to place. During the beginning of summer, only the areas south of the line from Fuzhou to Nanling in my country enter the summer in the true sense of "green trees are thick and shaded in summer, and the terraces reflect into the pond"; while some areas in the northeast and northwest are just beginning to have the breath of spring. According to the classification standard of my country's modern climatology (climate average temperature), the beginning of summer is when the daily average temperature rises steadily above 22°C.


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